About Healthy Minds Accreditation

Schools and companies can now publicly display their commitment to the wellbeing of the individuals they teach and employ. Those organisations that have received the Healthy Minds Program and meet supplementary criteria are entitled to use the Healthy Minds™ logo for a specified period.

This allows prospective students or employees, and the general public, to identify their psychological skills training and is a symbol of quality control – only those schools and companies who are ‘up to date’ and endorsed on a number of factors are allowed to display the logo. Re-accreditation occurs with the administration of the Healthy Minds Program annually for schools and every 2-3 years for companies.

It indicates:

  • Successful implementation of the Healthy Minds Program
  • A demonstrated commitment to psychological wellbeing
  • Demonstrated referral pathways for common psychological problems
  • Approved staff development to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of psychological disorders, and the ingredients to wellness and resilience
  • Within-organisation resources for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Currency of the above

Accredited Workplaces

Accredited Schools

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