Our People

The Healthy Minds Program is delivered by accredited and specially trained facilitators.

All our facilitators are either registered psychologists or have training in specific areas of psychology.

  • Dr Tom Nehmy Director
    Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Tom Nehmy is the founder of Healthy Minds.

    More than 18,000 people have attended his workshops, training programs, invited addresses, and conference presentations across Australia and overseas.

    He has co-authored 10 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was awarded the 2015 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence.

    He is involved in the accreditation and training process of all Healthy Minds schools and companies.

  • Nick Lee Director & Mental Health First Aid Instructor

    After 9 years as a Director at Unilever, Nick turned his attention to Health in 2010 following the tragic death of his wife to bowel cancer. Shortly after Jodi's death Nick set up the Jodi Lee Foundation. Nick now has 2 passions - Bowel Cancer and Mental Health. He teamed up with Tom in 2017 to eliminate preventable mental ill health in Australia.

    Nick was a 2015 Australian of the Year finalist, and was awarded the 2013 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by EY.

  • Dr Anne O’Shea Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Anne O'Shea is a clinical psychologist with experience in the delivery and evaluation of transdiagnostic interventions and school based prevention programs.

    She is based in Adelaide, SA, where she balances research at Flinders University and clinical work at Advanced Psychology Services.

  • Melissa Harries Registered Psychologist

    Melissa has 10 years' experience as a registered psychologist delivering resilience and wellbeing training to teens and adults in a variety of settings.

    She works from both Parramatta and the Central Coast as the director of the Parramatta Psychology Clinic.

  • Dr Amanda Mullin Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Amanda Mullin is an experienced clinical psychologist with an outstanding track record in training, presenting, clinical interventions, executive coaching and parent seminars.

    She is based in the Baulkham Hills area of Sydney, NSW, and is Director of MindWorx Psychology.

  • Dr John Baranoff Clinical Psychologist

    John has extensive experience with adolescent and adult clients in both public and private settings, as well as a strong research background.

    His interests and experience include mental health and wellbeing in high performance settings – including working with elite athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympics and through the AFL Players Association.

  • Lisa Mcleod Registered Psychologist

    Lisa Mcleod is a psychologist, executive coach and workplace trainer who has over 20 years broad clinical and professional development experience. Her trademark approach is a unique blend of humorous, interactive elements backed by a strong commitment to evidence based research.

    Lisa has a particular interest in applying neuroscience and psychology that demonstrate measurable improvements in progressing both individual and workplace wellbeing. One of Lisa’s passions is to incorporate some of the latest research in the areas of positive psychology and neuroscience into making behaviour change realistic, fun and sustainable.

  • Megan Fry Clinical Psychologist

    Megan Fry is a clinical psychologist with over 12 years’ experience. She has a particular interest and experience in veteran health, and has also worked with children, adolescents and adults in addressing a wide range of psychological issues.

    She is an experienced presenter and facilitator with a passion for helping everyone become the healthiest person they can be, and facilitating personal growth through psychological skills.

  • Amanda Lehman Registered Psychologist

    Amanda Lehman is a registered Psychologist with experience in delivering psychology solutions for both individuals and organisations across a diverse range of industries. With a particular interest in psychological wellness, Amanda facilitates mental health and wellbeing workshops for school students and employees at all stages of their career.

    She is based in Sydney, and is the Director of Lehman Career Psychology.

  • Matt Pennell Registered Psychologist

    Matt's professional background includes individual therapy and group work in private, public, and forensic settings across Victoria.

    He soon discovered a love of workshop facilitation and now spends his time running workshops in the areas of suicide first aid, early intervention, and mental health promotion.

    He is based in Melbourne and is the Director of Mental Health Train (www.mentalhealthtrain.com.au)

  • Dr Catherine Johnson Mindfulness Instructor
    Psychology Research Fellow

    Dr Catherine Johnson was originally a physiotherapist for 25 years, and initially became interested in the benefits of mindfulness for clients with chronic pain and general life stress.

    Seeing the positive benefits in her own life from meditation and mental health education, Catherine later undertook a PhD in psychology, researching mental health programs in secondary schools.

    Catherine currently works as a mindfulness instructor and wellbeing adviser in schools, and as a psychology Research Fellow at Flinders University across a range of projects targeting eating disorders, perfectionism, transdiagnostic prevention and online mental health delivery.

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