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The Healthy Minds Program is delivered by accredited and specially trained facilitators.


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Dr Tom Nehmy
Director - Clinical Psychologist | South Australia

Dr Tom Nehmy is the founder of Healthy Minds.

More than 50,000 people have attended his workshops, training programs, invited addresses, and conference presentations across Australia and overseas.

He has co-authored 10 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was awarded the 2015 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. His book Apples for the Mind is out now.

He is involved in the accreditation and training process of all Healthy Minds schools and companies.

Tom is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, investigating innovative treatments for grief.

Nick Lee - Director & Mental Health First Aid Instructor | South Australia
Nick Lee
Director & Mental Health First Aid Instructor | South Australia

After 9 years as a Director at Unilever, Nick turned his attention to Health in 2010 following the tragic death of his wife to bowel cancer. Shortly after Jodi's death Nick set up the Jodi Lee Foundation. Nick now has 2 passions - Bowel Cancer and Mental Health. He teamed up with Tom in 2017 to eliminate preventable mental ill health in Australia.

Nick was a 2015 Australian of the Year finalist, and was awarded the 2013 Social Entrepreneur of the Year by EY. In 2022 Nick Lee was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia. Nick receives this recognition for his service to the community through the not-for-profit sector (Jodi Lee Foundation) and commitment to raising awareness for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.

South Australia

dr catherine johnson - mindfulness instructor
Dr Catherine Johnson
Mindfulness Instructor
Psychology Research Fellow | South Australia-
Dr Catherine Johnson was originally a physiotherapist for 25 years, and initially became interested in the benefits of mindfulness for clients with chronic pain and general life stress. Seeing the positive benefits in her own life from meditation and mental health education, Catherine later undertook a PhD in psychology, researching mental health programs in secondary schools. Catherine currently works as a mindfulness instructor and wellbeing adviser in schools, and as a psychology Research Fellow at Flinders University across a range of projects targeting eating disorders, perfectionism, transdiagnostic prevention and online mental health delivery.
Dr Neralie Cain
Clinical Psychologist | South Australia

Neralie is a clinical psychologist with 10 years experience working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing a range of psychological difficulties. She has a particular interest in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders, and recently completed her PhD investigating the effect of a brief sleep intervention on anxiety symptoms in primary school-aged children.

Neralie is based in Adelaide and is director of NLC Psychology (www.NLCpsychology.com.au).

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Dr Kaitlin Harkess
Clinical Psychologist | South Australia

Dr. Kaitlin Harkess is a registered Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about supporting individuals to cultivate healthful and meaningful lives. Kaitlin is particularly interested in integrative psychology approaches and actually completed PhD research exploring the practice of yoga as a tool to support individuals experiencing chronic stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Kaitlin is passionate about making tools for psychological wellbeing accessible. As part of this effort she hosts the weekly Wisdom for Wellbeing podcast  [wisdomforwellbeingpodcast.com] and offers a private psychology practice in Adelaide, Wisdom for Wellbeing [wisdomforwellbeing.au].

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Jacinta Durrand
Clinical Psychologist | South Australia

Jacinta has been a Clinical Psychologist for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, university students, couples, families and adults of all ages. Jacinta has a keen interest in working with people experiencing issues related to anxiety, depression, body image and eating habits, parenting, study and work. She has also become very interested in the past 10 years with the issues facing parents and siblings of children with disabilities and/or chronic illness (mental and physical) as well as the issues faced by carers in general. Jacinta has worked in General practice, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Private practice and Tertiary education.

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Ashleigh Spillman
Psychologist | South Australia

Ashleigh is an early career psychologist. She has facilitated group programs and trainings with people of all ages. She enjoys helping clients find practical ways to utilise their values to increase wellbeing. Ashleigh worked with youth, adolescents and families before shifting to her current role working with adults in a custodial setting.

A memorable moment for Ashleigh was collaborating with local organisations to deliver a 12-month program called Walking the South East Seasons with Nature in Mind. The South East of South Australia boasts an array of natural resources and the program aimed to connect the participants with nature, increase their mental health and wellbeing, promote environmental sustainability and help share local Aboriginal knowledge of culture and Country. Outside of work Ashleigh continues to explore her local area as a means of self-care.

Dr Kate Bartel
Clinical Psychologist | South Australia

Kate is a Clinical Psychologist working in the Riverland, South Australia. She currently works with clients aged 12-25 years old, experiencing a range of psychological issues.
Her PhD thesis on adolescent sleep won the 2018 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence and the 2019 APS 2018 Award for Excellent PhD Thesis in Psychology.

Kate's current focus is on clinical work, however, she also enjoys research and presenting at conferences.

Amanda Goodfellow
Amanda Goodfellow
Meditation Teacher | South Australia

Amanda is an experienced presenter, facilitator and TEDx speaker. She is a leading expert in Somatic Mindfulness and the founder of Agile Mind; a business helping professionals manage stress and reach high-performance states through mindfulness. She combines a 25-year corporate career with her own personal and powerful story to deliver a workshop that will resonate with professionals trying to juggle the increasingly complex demands of life.


Dr Georgiana Cameron
Psychologist | Victoria

Dr Georgiana Cameron is an educational and developmental psychologist who takes a strengths-based approach to working with people across the lifespan. With over 15 years’ experience working with schools as a psychologist, consultant and trainer, she is confident in the work she does building relationships with others, to support people to be their best.

​As a trainer and research manager at the Institute of Positive Education, Geelong Grammar School, Georgiana was able to support educators from all around the world to implement whole school evidence-based approaches to wellbeing. She currently divides her time between working as director and senior clinician in private practice (https://www.storykindpsychology.com/) and youth focused community health, as well as mental health advisor roles and freelance projects aimed at reducing mental health disorders and promoting wellbeing.

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Dr Kiara Bird
Psychologist | Victoria

Kiara is a forensic psychologist originally hailing from the UK. She has worked in various settings throughout her career, delivering clinical and forensic interventions to clients across the life course, in custodial, hospital and community based environments. Her special interests include working with personality disorder, trauma and resilience, and systemic workforce development. With a keen interest in training and coaching, Kiara has facilitated workshops for a diverse range of groups, ranging from youth soccer players to judges and barristers. She is based in Melbourne, and currently works in specialist forensic mental health services. 

Alexa Field
Psychologist | Victoria
Alexa is a psychologist with over 15 years experience providing clinical assessment & psychological treatment & intervention. She has worked primarily in public mental health teams delivering both individual and group interventions. Alexa has specialised in perinatal mental health, and is passionate about providing early intervention and prevention to mothers & families during the perinatal period to improve mental well being & strengthen attachment relationships. She is currently working with kindergartens, up-skilling educators & parents about children’s mental wellbeing, & strategies they can utilise to support children’s mental health. Alexa is based in Ballarat, Victoria

New South Wales
Dr Amanda Mullin - Clinical Psychologist | New South Wales
Dr Amanda Mullin
Clinical Psychologist | New South Wales

Dr Amanda Mullin is an experienced clinical psychologist with an outstanding track record in training, presenting, clinical interventions, executive coaching and parent seminars.

She is based in the Baulkham Hills area of Sydney, NSW, and is Director of MindWorx Psychology.

Amanda Lehman - Psychologist | New South Wales
Amanda Lehman
Psychologist | New South Wales

Amanda Lehman is a registered Psychologist with experience in delivering psychology solutions for both individuals and organisations across a diverse range of industries. With a particular interest in psychological wellness, Amanda facilitates mental health and wellbeing workshops for school students and employees at all stages of their career.

She is based in Sydney, and is the Director of Lehman Career Psychology.

Ms Nicole Dunn Psychologist
Nicole Dunn
Psychologist | New South Wales

Nicole is a senior psychologist, consultant and coach/trainer. She has worked as a registered psychologist for over nine years, opening her own clinic in 2011 and has supervised psychologists for over five years. Nicole has extensive experience providing clinical support, training/ facilitation and psychological assessment and treatment to diverse groups and ages, in organisational and clinical settings. With a Human Resources/Change Management background and research experience, Nicole enjoys working in organisational and clinical arenas.

Nicole has worked across a wide cross-section of corporate and public sector organisations, including schools. Nicole is the Principal and Directing Psychologist of Lily Pad Psychology Clinic, Carlingford and is a Senior Consultant Psychologist to The Hills Clinic, Castle Hill.

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Dr Amy Talbot
Clinical Psychologist | New South Wales

With over 10 years research and clinical experience, Amy has published multiple articles, and delivered keynotes, workshops, supervision and training focused on a range of clinical topics. In 2018 she was awarded Australian Psychologist of the Year at the inaugural Australian Allied Health Awards.

Amy has a unique gift for translating scientific information and clinical concepts into accessible know how and practical strategies that facilitate improved health for individuals and community wide attitude change. Her current focus is on increasing awareness of and early identification of clinical concerns, championing the voice of lived experience and on improving the intervention evidence base to allow for better outcomes for families.

Amy is based in Northwest Sydney and is the director of The Talbot Centre (link: www.thetalbotcentre.com.au). Amy holds a concurrent position as Senior Lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Professions, teaching across the postgraduate psychology programs in her areas of clinical expertise.

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Andrew Griffin
Exercise Physiologist | New South Wales

Andrew Griffin was a nationally ranked tennis player and competed in athletics at a world junior level. Andrew gained a sports science degree in Sydney and launched his own business running outdoor fitness classes. Having coached over 10,000 clients in the last two decades, the father of three was motivated by a shock cancer diagnosis in 2014 to dedicate himself to teaching clients to use exercise as a vehicle for emotional change as much as physical. Andrew is on a global mission to build a community of happy, well-adjusted humans who know having emotional armour to withstand life’s challenges beats a six pack and bulging biceps. His aim is to use his voice as a sought-after keynote speaker and corporate facilitator to inspire Australians to be more active and to optimise their bodies and minds without stepping inside a gym.

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Dr Jennifer Wilson
Clinical Psychologist | Queensland

Dr Jennifer Wilson is a clinical psychologist with experience in clinical interventions, presenting and training on topics related to children’s development, parenting, and youth mental health. Her doctoral research focused on children’s development, and the way in which logical reasoning interacts with emotional processing. Her practice is based in Brisbane at Benchmark Psychology.

Carla Devine
Psychologist | Queensland

Carla has over 10 years' experience as an Army psychologist. She has extensive experience in delivering resilience and wellbeing training to different specialisations in a variety of settings. Her interests include leadership, high performance teams and positive mindset training.

Carla is based in the South East Queensland area and currently runs her own business specialising in high performance coaching.

Laura Eyles
Psychologist | Queensland

Laura is a Psychologist with over 14 years experience in creating positive solutions for people and organisations across Australia and NZ. Her successful track record in organisational consultancy, clinical interventions and stakeholder management has equipped her to adapt and lead through uncertainty, manage ambiguity and to solve complex problems.

Laura has a warm, empathic, energetic communication style, and enjoys supporting people and organisations to construct clear pathways to enhance wellbeing. She has a passion for facilitation, learning and presenting, and having been trained in many psychological approaches is able to tailor the process for customers. She has a particular interest in occupational challenges (stress, burnout, adjustment) and performance enhancement (executive coaching, leadership, team dynamics and resilience).

Western Australia

Dr Marny Lishman
Psychologist | Western Australia

Marny is a Health & Community Psychologist, Author, Leader Wellbeing & Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker & Media Commentator. Marny's work involves creating agility of the mind, so that her clients can become more successful in their professional and personal life. She helps her clients increase their psychological capacity to not only design & create the life that they are envisioning, transform their internal capabilities to beyond what they thought possible, but deal with life's individual and collective disruptions that they will inevitably face on their pathway to success.

A nurturer at heart, Marny has had a private practice in Perth, W.A. for the last 12 years, has worked in academia and is presently focusing her efforts on executive coaching and leadership mindset development. Marny is also currently the co-host of Trail-Blazer, a leading female leadership program, and is the psychologist adviser/presenter at A Stitch In Time, a well-known W.A. mental health charity organisation which provides mental health & wellbeing training to the community.

Marny is also a media commentator on local and national TV, radio & print, having worked on a range of media projects on programs such as Today Extra, The Project, Body & Soul magazine. She is currently the Resident Psychologist on Channel 9 News in Perth.

Kirstin Bouse Clinical Psychologist | Western Australia
Kirstin Bouse
Clinical Psychologist | Western Australia

Kirstin Bouse is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years-experience in undertaking assessments and providing therapy for a variety of psychological and interpersonal difficulties. Given her career, Kirstin's expertise lies in trauma, perinatal mental health, motherhood, parenting and then also forensic issues such as offending behaviour, child protection and family court.

Her primary interests lie in the unique experiences of motherhood and fatherhood, perinatal mental health, parenting in general and the juggle of work and parenthood. Kirstin also has extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced traumatic event/s whether from their childhood, working life (military, Police or Ambulance Officers) or injury (criminal, workplace or motor vehicle accidents). She has extensive experience as a professional speaker and in the media. Kirstin is based in Perth, Western Australia.

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Joanne Edmond
Psychologist | Western Australia

Joanne is a registered psychologist, wellbeing coach, and social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Core of Wellbeing. Joanne has also worked as a lecturer, developed training manuals, and delivered quality assurance in government and non-government sectors. Joanne is passionate about applying Positive Psychology and Neuropsychotherapy principles with individuals, groups, and communities. She has over 26 years of experience working with individuals, children, adolescents, and families across various disciplines.

As a psychologist, Joanne has worked with many individuals enhancing their wellbeing and assisting them in meeting their full potential. She has delivered training in groups and via parenting workshops. Joanne has been developing mindfulness and mentoring workshops for schools, encompassing practical positive psychology techniques.

Australian Capital Territory


Dr Kirsten Peterson
Psychologist | Australian Capital Territory

Kirsten is a sport/performance psychologist, organisational coach, and group process facilitator at Kirsten Peterson Consulting. After a 20+ year career working in elite sport, with both the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Australian Institute of Sport, she observed that while peak performance can happen once, it cannot be sustained without a foundation of good mental health and well-being.

While working at the Australian Institute of Sport, she helped develop and facilitate “Mental Health in Sport,” a mental health awareness and action program targeting Australian national sport system coaches and staff. Kirsten has integrated these insights with her expertise and experience in performance psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience to help people in sport or business who are aspiring or struggling to reach their sustained potential.

New Zealand

Hamish McIntosh
Psychologist | New Zealand

Hamish is a psychologist, based in New Zealand, with expertise in peak performance across a wide range of human endeavours. He has worked alongside New Zealand national and grassroots sports teams and individuals. He has also worked in the public health system in inpatient (intensive care unit) and outpatient (chronic pain rehabilitation) settings. Hamish draws upon this breadth of experience in his work to deliver engaging interventions targeting resilience and well-being.

Dr Michelle McCarthy
Clinical Psychologist | New Zealand

Dr Michelle McCarthy is a clinical psychologist with almost 20 years experience in clinical settings with a particular focus on stress management and treatment of anxiety. She has also lectured, provided psycho-education to community groups and written psychological reports for the Ministry of Justice.

Michelle has also worked part-time for over 20 years running leadership programs and providing executive coaching for multinational organisations in NZ, USA, Australia, and the UK. She has a particular interest in helping people with work-related stress and burnout.

After years of helping those with mental health difficulties, she became passionate about prevention and the idea of building psychological wellness through easily learnt strategies finding the perfect partner to do this with Healthy Minds.

Kirsty Rorke
Clinical Psychologist | New Zealand

Kirsty is an experienced clinical psychologist based in New Zealand. She has worked primarily in public mental health settings delivering both individual and group interventions. Kirsty has worked extensively with mothers and babies and is passionate about improving wellbeing to support better outcomes for individuals and their families.

Dr Nicole Pray
Clinical Psychologist | New Zealand

Dr Nicole Pray is a clinical psychologist from the United States who now runs a private consultancy in New Zealand. She has been enthusiastic about wellbeing and resilience for over 21 years. Working with people of all ages, Dr Pray builds on individual strengths while using warmth and a direct approach that leads to lasting life changes. Dr Pray believes healthy relationships are at the heart of personal well-being and she empowers audiences with the tools and know-how to reach their goals effectively.

United Kingdom

David Craigie
Chartered Psychologist | UK

David has over 20 years’ experience working as a psychologist, based in Edinburgh (Scotland) in the UK. His early training was in the NHS, and in 2004 he co-founded the Craigie Partnership where he manages a team of psychologists, therapists and coaches, in addition to his own private practice.

He is a registered coaching psychologist, chartered occupational psychologist and a qualified psychometric tester. His passion is well-being and helping people maximise their potential, using blended and evidence-based psychological techniques. He has written training manuals for Anxiety, Anger and Stress Management as well as Coaching Psychology.

Administration Team

LI Photo
Nicola Stelfox
Client Relations and Training Coordinator | South Australia

Nicola, originally from Manchester (UK), relocated to Australia in 2018 and brings a decade of experience in Recruitment. Throughout her career she has worked across diverse industries, adeptly recruiting for a multitude of roles within the digital space. Her passion for helping people combined with her meticulous organisational skills, steered her towards joining Healthy Minds in 2023 as the Client Relations and Training Coordinator, where she is eager to support the work of the Healthy Minds Program.  

Erin Phillips
Client Relations and Training Coordinator | South Australia

Erin has a background in Advertising, where she has worked across various industries, including tourism, automotive and education. Erin joined Healthy Minds in 2023 as our Client Relations and Training Coordinator looking to help positively impact the wellbeing of others. Erin enjoys building relationships and working with her clients to foster sustainable partnerships. She operates in a considered and well-organised way and consistently demonstrates her ability to understand her client's needs.

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Bella Lee
Administration Support | Brisbane

Bella joined the Healthy Minds team in 2023 in the role of administration support. Bella is currently studying a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Design, and is an integral part of the team, offering support in administration for Healthy Minds events for both corporate and school clients.