The Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index

We developed the Wellbeing Wheel as an evidence-based framework for understanding, assessing and managing personal wellbeing. It is now recognised around the globe as a tool for effective self-management
Healthy Minds for Companies

The Wellbeing Index is a questionnaire to survey and objectively measure the wellbeing of your staff, based on the six wellbeing factors from the Wellbeing Wheel.

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The Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index (HMWI) is a 35-item questionnaire that takes only 5 minutes to complete. Participants are provided with immediate feedback on their current wellbeing.

The Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index (HMWI) provides the organisation with:

• An overall index score, which can be used to benchmark employee wellbeing
• Six subscale scores to see the relative wellbeing strengths and opportunities within a group
• Comparison between geographies and the ability to track wellbeing changes over time
• The ability to curate a comprehensive wellbeing strategy based on real-world data from your own staff
• The examination of 8 single-item ‘Indicators of Importance’ including psychological self-efficacy; psychological safety; work-life balance; and fatigue
(among others)

If you'd like to learn more, or to schedule running the HMWI with your organisation or team, contact Nick Lee: or phone +61 401 678 893