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The Healthy Minds School Program is for school communities who recognise that success is more than just academic achievement.
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Healthy Minds Program for Schools

The Healthy Minds School Program is for school communities who recognise that success is more than just academic achievement.

"We have trialled my 'Healthy Minds' prevention program in 4 Adelaide high schools, with more than 1000 students participating. Anecdotally, the teenagers I taught gave me feedback that indicated it was working. They found it a revelation to know that it wasn't normal to feel happy 24/7. They were enthralled when I showed them video footage that demonstrated all the sneaky ways media images are distorted to sell us things, and that also make us feel bad about the way we look because they are presenting an impossible ideal – fake and photo-shopped! Many were also intrigued when I taught them the specific thinking skills that 99% of psychologists use to effectively treat psychological problems. They also loved doing exercises in positive psychology – like writing a 'gratitude letter' to someone who had helped them but who they had never properly thanked; or learning why self-compassion is VASTLY more important than self-esteem."

"My data analysis has also confirmed what the students indicated to me in person – that the Healthy Minds program we taught students during their health lessons over 8 weeks has demonstrated a prevention effect for symptoms of depression and anxiety, and reduced their risk for disordered eating. And the program doesn't even specifically target any disorder... it simply teaches the healthy thinking skills that everyone should know, but never get taught... until now." - Dr. Tom Nehmy, Clinical Psychologist

Parents are increasingly looking to schools to also provide the life skills that will ensure their child’s happy future, not just good grades.

Taught by specially trained facilitators plus your own school's staff, the 8-week program involves one lesson per week, and fits into the Health or Personal Development curriculum of each school's Year 8 or 9 (Grade 8 or 9 in the US) class schedule, or can be integrated into pastoral care time.

We teach your students:

  • The thinking skills that prevent or reduce risk for depression, anxiety, eating disorders & body image problems (without specifically focussing on any particular psychological disorder)
  • How 'unhelpful perfectionism' plays a troublesome role in mental health, achievement, and general quality of life. Contrary to popular belief, some types of perfectionism actually inhibit achievement.
  • The keys to understanding the function of emotions, and the most helpful ways of navigating their emotional lives
  • Psychological flexibility
  • Realistic thinking (this is the key skill of modern cognitive behaviour therapy)
  • Self-compassion as an antidote to self-criticism (and why this is far more important than self-esteem)
  • Ways to understand and deal with procrastination - these work for school, work and life
  • To challenge the unrealistic media ideals that promote body-image dissatisfaction, which can lead to disordered eating and depression
  • The cultivation of gratitude as an everyday perspective (it has been shown to improve sleep, immune system function, and happiness)
  • The motivational techniques that change problem behaviours into helpful, healthy, and high-performance behaviours

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