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The Healthy Minds School Program is for school communities who recognise that success is more than just academic achievement.
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Healthy Minds Program for Schools

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Introductory Video from Dr Tom Nehmy - Welcome to Healthy Minds

Why Book the Healthy Minds Program?

✓ Focused on prevention and wellbeing enhancement through teaching psychological skills

✓ We are the only listed program targeting the prevention of depression and anxiety that also meets the top tier of evidence quality

✓ Reduces a major risk factor for depression, anxiety and eating disorders

✓ Delivered by registered psychologists

✓ Includes student, teacher and parent components for a 'whole school' approach

✓ Based on award-winning scientific research, published in a world-leading peer-reviewed scientific journal

✓ Independently reviewed by Beyond Blue's 'Be You' Programs Directory & classified as having the highest (4/4) evidence rating

How to Book the Healthy Minds program for Your School

STEP 1. Download our 2024 Prospectus, and check that our program is a good fit for your school.
(For primary schools, we can provide specific flyers on our parent and teacher seminars - book a Zoom call below, or contact

STEP 2. Book in a Zoom meeting at your convenience:


Or if you'd like to email with questions or to arrange a chat with us (Dr Tom Nehmy - Director)  - email or phone +61 411 591 276

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