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Holidaying with a Healthy Mind

Each year Healthy Minds creates a 30 min podcast as a Christmas gift to our network to encourage listeners to ‘Holiday with a Healthy Mind’. After sourcing feedback from clients we tackle the following topics in this...

Introducing the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index

Introducing the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index At Healthy Minds, we often get asked: “How do you measure wellbeing?“ Too often corporates need to rely on indirect indicators such as absenteeism, staff turnover, and productivity. While...

Healthy Minds commences collaboration with Sprout!

Healthy Minds has launched it’s new ‘Nutrition Essentials’ seminars, with Sprout delivering this essential component of whole-person wellbeing training. On February 18th, 50 business leaders gathered at Sprout cooking school to watch Themis Chryssidis deliver...