Dr Tom Nehmy to give the opening keynote address at the AIS School Counsellors' Conference, Crowne Plaza,Terrigal on May 28

May 25, 2015

The NSW Association of Independent Schools will be holding their annual School Counsellors' Conference at Terrigal on May 28 & 29, and will feature Dr Tom Nehmy as opening keynote speaker. With 340 member schools across New South Wales, this annual event brings together school counsellors for a two-day event featuring expert speakers, workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

Tom's presentation, entitled 'Preventive Psychology Through Collaboration: An idea whose time has come' will discuss:

  • How schools are now at a crucial crossroads: The path they choose will have significant implications for the children in their care – to their great benefit or detriment.
  • The myths and ‘reality checks’ school counsellors need to know
  • What does the cutting edge of prevention research tell us about how we can do better?
  • Transdiagnostic theory and the impending '4th Wave' of psychological therapies and prevention approaches.
  • The 3 Essential Keys to effective collaboration that will enable counsellors to guide their school communities down the path of greatest effectiveness

For more information, see the AIS Events web page:

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