Dr Tom Nehmy to speak at Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School

March 06, 2017

Dr Tom Nehmy will spend the 6th and 7th of March with the Junior School at Canberra Girls Grammar, working with students, staff and parents.

The parent evening "Pathways to a Healthy Mind" will be from 7pm on March 6th, and will cover:

􀁚 What resilience is, and how parents and teachers can help children cultivate it

􀁚 The thinking skills that psychologists teach people to be emotionally healthy

􀁚 The purpose and function of emotions, and how they affect behaviour

􀁚 How to deal with unhelpful emotional impulses

􀁚 How perfectionism can impede our achievement, and what to do about it

􀁚 The keys to preventing depression, anxiety, and eating disorders in young people

􀁚 Self-compassion - a powerful practice that is vastly more important than self-esteem

Parents will leave with a broad overview of the key ingredients to mental health and resilience in children, as well some practical ideas for how to put these concepts into practice.

Contact the Junior School for booking information.

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