Dr Tom Nehmy to speak at the R.E.A.L. Group Spotlight Seminar at Pembroke School on 6th August 2015

August 04, 2015

From the flyer:


Psychological Immunisation - Keeping healthy adolescents healthy.

'For so long we have been so preoccupied with remediating problems that we have not turned our attention to prevention nearly enough. We brush our teeth to stop decay, we bend our knees to lift heavy objects and spare our back, we eat a balanced diet to have a healthy body ' but what do we do to establish and maintain excellent mental health? I'm excited that we are now starting to build an answer to that question."

Come and hear award winning clinical psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy an expert in the resilience, wellbeing and mental health of early adolescents. Dr Nehmy has worked extensively with students, parents, teachers and counsellors to build healthy students psychological skills and resilience.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Where: Pembroke School Middle School Resource Centre Conference Room King's Campus, 342 The Parade, Kensington Park

When: Thursday 6 August 2015 Time: 3.15-5.15pm (including drinks and nibbles)

The Responding to Early Adolescent Learners' (REAL) Reference Group is a subcommittee of the AISSA Heads of Primary and Secondary/Combined Schools, established in 2014 to provide advice and support to AISSA member schools in relation to the needs of early adolescent learners.

The REAL Group is committed to sharing the latest research and best practice in our schools .and will host regular 'Spotlight Seminars' for all interested teachers and leaders in the Independent sector.

Please register online at For further enquiries please contact Heather Puckridge on 8179 1408 or by email

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