Empowering girls for resilience: Dr Tom Nehmy to speak at the Real Girls, Real Women Conference, Brisbane on 23/5/16

May 23, 2016

The Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia is hosting its biennial conference, 'Real Girls, Real Women' at the Rydges Hotel, South Bank Brisbane, featuring Dr Tom Nehmy presenting some of his latest research. Featured in his presentation will be an overview of how girls' schools can correct the gender gap in mental health, with discussion of recent survey data from a leading independent Sydney girls' school.

Tom's presentation abstract is below:


Empowering girls for mental health and resilience in a classroom setting

Girls are leading the way in terms of academic achievement in schools. However they are also over-represented in the prevalence of adolescent depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Girls who experience a psychological problem in adolescence are at greater risk for poor academic outcomes, the onset of other disorders, and lifetime psychological morbidity.

The pastoral care and wellbeing priorities of girls' schools must address the onset of these problems by targeting the specific psychological mechanisms that cause them, including perfectionism, emotion regulation difficulties, self-criticism, and the internalisation of unrealistic ideals propagated by the traditional media and social media.

This interactive presentation will guide the audience through the very latest research into preventing depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, including an outline of the world's first curriculum-based 'transdiagnostic' prevention program. The audience will leave with a clear understanding of the latest peer-reviewed scientific research, theoretical developments, and the example of how this knowledge has been implemented at a leading girls' school. Data will be presented to support the outcomes.

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