Healthy Minds at the 'Linking Up for Kids' Conference in Sydney

April 08, 2014

Dr Tom Nehmy will be speaking on the Healthy Minds Program at the multi-disciplinary child wellbeing conference, called 'Linking Up for Kids' - to be held at the Menzies Sydney Hotel on April 14 & 15 2014.

The conference aims to build partnerships between health, hospital and education systems to enhance child and youth wellbeing. It asks 3 pertinent questions:

  • What are school communities currently doing, and what more can they do in the future, to promote the health of children and youth?
  • What can health workers do to meet the education needs of long term patients?
  • What can we do together to produce happy, healthy, functional adults? How will we know?

For more information, and to obtain the Conference Program, click here.

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