Healthy Minds evaluation results published in international peer-reviewed journal

April 15, 2015

The relevance and impact of the Healthy Minds Program as a cutting-edge prevention and resilience-building approach has been confirmed by its publication in a high-impact international peer-reviewed journal. Behaviour Research and Therapy is widely regarded as a top-tier outlet for research into advancements in mental health interventions, having been previously identified in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) process as an 'A' grade journal.

The April issue features the core manuscript by Dr Tom Nehmy and Professor Tracey Wade from Flinders University, evaluating the efficacy of the Healthy Minds Program with 4 schools in metropolitan Adelaide. Its results include a prevention effect for negative affect (negative emotionality), as measured by combined symptoms of depression and anxiety. Most notably, it outlines the ability of the Healthy Minds program to yield a reduced onset of these symptoms, while also reducing a key risk factor for eating disorders, unhelpful perfectionism.

The publisher, Elsevier, is making the article available for download for free until April 24th. Simply click on the following link, and then click on 'Download PDF':

This publication makes a significant contribution to the evidence-base for how schools can prevent and reduce risk for the onset of multiple psychological problems in adolescents.

Full reference: Nehmy, T.J. & Wade, T. D. (2015). Reducing the onset of negative affect in adolescents: Evaluation of a perfectionism program in a universal prevention setting. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 67, 55-63.

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