Healthy Minds 'intensive' Wellbeing Sessions for Year 8 at Scotch College

April 10, 2016

Dr Tom Nehmy will be presenting to Year 8s and Year 8 parents over April 11th & 12th at Scotch College, Adelaide.

Newly appointed Director of Student Wellbeing, Mr Shawn Kasbergen, has sought to implement the core Healthy Minds Program components as part of the school's Year 8 'Wellbeing Sessions' this week. Tom will be addressing the entire year level about practical strategies for building and maintaining a 'healthy mind', including: challenging unhelpful perfectionism, emotion regulation, understanding stress, media literacy and self-compassion.

Year 8 parents are invited to attend a parent evening entitled 'Pathways to a Healthy Mind' on Monday night, in which they will learn about the specific risk and protective pathways for adolescent mental health, and how specific parenting practices can build resilience in their sons and daughters.

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