Healthy Minds is part of the 2019 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

September 08, 2019

Healthy Minds is excited to be a part of the 2019 edition of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

Since 2012 more than 88,000 bundles have been sold.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has categories focused on chronic illness, sleep deficiencies, and hormone imbalances PLUS brain and mental health too! We, at Healthy Minds have included our digital version of the ‘7 Secrets to a Healthy Mind’ an award-winning program, created by Dr Tom Nehmy. The usual retail value of this program stand alone is AU$47pp.

There are over 90 resources included! All for a cost of just USD$37 for a very limited time. Please follow the link to purchase your bundle! For a limited time only:

Click here to visit the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle site

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