Healthy Minds to host an International Women’s Day Webinar

Join us for a zoom webinar on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2021. The theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’.

Join the conversation between 2 lifelong girlfriends as they explore their own narratives, personal challenges and explore what is necessary to create transformational change in gender equity, life balance, and personal fulfilment.

Reena Ghelani is currently the Director of Operations for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) based in New York and has worked on humanitarian and human rights issues at the global level for over twenty years. Lisa Mcleod is a psychologist, workplace facilitator in Wellbeing, Leadership and Peak Performance. She partners with organisations and schools on a global level who are seeking to enhance their wellbeing, build resilience and develop performance.

About this webinar:

  • We explore the power of the narrative and mindset to promote healthy thinking, confidence and optimal performance.
  • The ‘Great Mistake’ (the most common obstacle that impedes a robust psychology and avoids us dealing with discomfort).
  • Forging conversations that show about how we can use empathy, listening and accountability to create lasting and meaningful change.
  • Recognising unhelpful thinking styles and the “tyranny of shoulds”, particularly relating to work/family balance for women.
  • How to take action for lasting and transformational change.

Limited spaces available! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. To book your place click here

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