Introducing the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index

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Introducing the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index

At Healthy Minds, we often get asked: “How do you measure wellbeing?

Too often corporates need to rely on indirect indicators such as absenteeism, staff turnover, and productivity.

While these indicators matter, they are a consequence of wellbeing… and many other factors. This leaves a diluted, complex picture at best.

We have come up with a solution.

The Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index (HMWI) is a 35-item questionnaire that takes your staff only 5 minutes to complete.

Developed by leading psychologists, the HMWI will objectively measure the six core wellbeing factors in the Wellbeing Wheel.

It also allows:

✓ An overall index score, which can be used to benchmark and compare states / companies / industries

✓ Six subscale scores to see the relative wellbeing strengths and opportunities within a group.

✓ Comparison between states and management / non-management as well as the ability to track wellbeing changes over time

✓ The ability to curate a comprehensive wellbeing strategy based on real-world data from your own staff

✓ The examination of 8 single-item ‘Indicators of Importance’

✓ The opportunity to direct staff to internal resources specific to their identified areas of developmental needs.

We are launching the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Index in Mental Health Month (which is October in Australia).

If you’d like to explore a data-driven wellbeing strategy to unlock the wellbeing and performance of your staff -> get in touch with us to be a part of a special opportunity to trial this in your workplace.

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