Jodi Lee Foundation CEO Nick Lee to join Healthy Minds in 2017

December 04, 2016

Nick Lee, the founder and CEO of leading bowel cancer prevention organisation The Jodi Lee Foundation will join Tom Nehmy as partner and co-Director of Healthy Minds in 2017.

As detailed in the Saturday Advertiser on 3/12/16 in an article by Cameron England, Nick brings a wealth of experience as a national leader in the corporate wellbeing sector.

His pioneering efforts following the tragic death of his wife Jodi Lee from bowel cancer in 2010 have saved many lives across Australia, most notably through widespread bowel cancer screening through the Jodi Lee Foundation workplace prevention program.

Nick's exceptional abilities in business development and organisational management, combined with his passion for corporate health and improving the lives of ordinary Australians, bode for an exciting time ahead as Healthy Minds expands into the corporate sector.

Read more about Nick's inspiring story here.

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