Loreto Normanhurst to become a Healthy Minds School in 2015!

November 04, 2014

As a leading Sydney girls' school, Loreto Normanhurst has a reputation for excellence and innovation, not limited to the academic arena. Also a recognised leader in its pastoral care programs, Loreto Normanhurst are again displaying their commitment to the latest evidence-based practice when it comes to adolescent wellbeing: becoming an accredited Healthy Minds school in 2015.

Having seen Dr Tom Nehmy outline the theory, research and implementation of his cutting-edge wellbeing program at the 2014 AHISA Leading, Learning & Caring conference, Director of Pastoral Care Ms Gaby Stooke sought to have Loreto Normanhurst as New South Wales' inaugural Healthy Minds School.

To find out more about Loreto Normanhurst, click here.

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