Scotch College, Adelaide, to become an accredited Healthy Minds School

March 22, 2017

Scotch College has been a leading educational presence in South Australia since the 1920's, and has a reputation as one of Australia's leading independent schools.

Catering for students from ELC to Year 12, Scotch College is undertaking its first full year of the Healthy Minds Program.

The roll-out includes:

A teacher training day for Health/PD/PE teachers who will be administering the classroom lessons to Year 8.

A Year 8 parent evening at the commencement of Term 3.

Weekly presentations to the whole of Year 8 by Dr Tom Nehmy, for 8 consecutive weeks of Term 3.

Weekly classroom lessons, corresponding to the group presentation concepts, for 8 consecutive weeks in Term 3.

Weekly parent modules sent to Year 8 parents, to follow the core content, with self-reflection questions and discussion points with which to engage their son or daughter.

A Junior School / ELC parent evening called 'Pathways to a Healthy Mind' to assist parents to build resilience and reduce risk for depression, anxiety and eating disorders in their children.

Supplementary workshops with school staff and outdoor education leaders.

Thanks to Mr Shawn Kasbergen, Director of Student Wellbeing, who is in charge of the integration of Healthy Minds at Scotch.

For more information on Scotch College, click here.

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