For Companies

For Companies

The Healthy Minds program is all about outcomes: enhancing performance, reducing costs and building engagement.

Many companies are familiar with motivational staff development programs, booking speakers for workshops on generic topics such as 'leadership' or 'excellent customer service'. While a great keynote address can be inspirational and motivating, we cater for companies who see employee performance as more than words and one-off presentations. Inspiration may be short-lived, but the development of psychological know-how in your team can be transformative.

The cost of mental ill-health to Australian companies is almost $49 Billion per annum, and when the impact on productivity and absenteeism is averaged across all employed people, it amounts to $2,100 per person, per year. Corporate Australia now recognises that a proactive, preventive approach to mental health is essential.

We provide you with the essential tool to enable your workplace to satisfy its most important corporate responsibility: the wellbeing of your staff.

Smart organisations realise that modern workplace health and safety obligations extend beyond lifting and operating machinery. The psychological functioning of employees is both an ethical and economical imperative.

Having led high performance organisations for many years, I can attest to the vital importance of effective wellbeing initiatives. I've been extremely impressed with the Healthy Minds approach, which stands out to me as being at the cutting edge of preventive psychology, wellbeing enhancement and peak performance.

— Rob Chapman, Chairman, Fortis Argo & Adelaide Airport

Our trained facilitators present your staff a flexible, 'in-house' program designed specifically for companies who want employees who are psychologically healthy, and therefore are:

  • Happier at work, and life
  • More flexible in their thinking
  • More productive
  • Better able to work well with colleagues
  • Less likely to take unplanned leave
  • Less likely to contribute to staff turnover
  • At reduced risk for depression, anxiety, stress, and other difficulties
  • Better able to identify and readily use their peak performance 'zone'

By becoming an accredited Healthy Minds workplace, you provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to be their best, and establish your organisation as a leader in employee wellbeing.

Whilst many organisations are implementing important initiatives such as awareness raising of mental health conditions, and provide remedial support to their employees by way of employee assistance programs (EAP), Healthy Minds takes a different approach. Specifically:

  • Our approach to mental health is about prevention and wellbeing enhancement.
  • We explicitly teach sophisticated psychological skills so your staff can become proactive self-managers of their wellbeing.
  • We have conducted award winning, peer-reviewed and published scientific research on how to prevent psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, meaning we have a sound scientific evidence base for everything we do.
  • Our program is designed to be sustainable and ongoing. We follow-up our workshops with a 30-Day Wellbeing Challenge to reinforce new behaviours and habits, and offer an accreditation process which maintains quality practices and adoption of the latest developments in corporate mental health.
  • The program is always delivered by registered psychologists with clinical and group training expertise.

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This activity was one of the best I have participated in over my 20+ years of work.

— RC - Healthy Minds Corporate Program participant

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