Craigslea State High School becomes an accredited Healthy Minds School

Congratulations to Craigslea State High School, which has just become the first school in Queensland, and the first government school to achieve Healthy Minds accreditation.

Working over Term 1 this year with psychologists Bree Tiller and Healthy Minds founder Dr Tom Nehmy, Craigslea have engaged in a number of components to the Healthy Minds Program:

* Key teaching staff have undergone a full day of intensive training in the core Healthy Minds lessons

* Year 8 participated in the term long group presentations and classroom lessons

* Year 8 parents attended a parent evening

* Years 10, 11, and 12 had exposure to key wellbeing concepts through seminar and workshop-style presentations.

* Parents and staff from nearby feeder primary schools attended sessions on resilience building and preventing depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Led by Year 8 Coordinator Matthew Moorcroft (pictured below), the Healthy Minds program has become embedded as a core element of the school’s pastoral care, wellbeing, and curriculum priorities.

To find out more about Craigslea, visit their website.

What does it mean to be an accredited Healthy Minds Workplace?


Healthy Minds accreditation is a way to promote your organisation's wellbeing credentials. It represents a commitment to:

1. Provide evidence-based psychological skills training to all staff to prevent and reduce risk for mental ill-health while promoting effective self-management of personal wellbeing.

2. Provide the appropriate support services and referral processes when individuals require support (for example, a quality employee assistance program that is communicated regularly to staff).

3. The up-skilling of a set of dedicated staff members with advanced knowledge to assist and support the mental health and wellbeing of others within the organisation. This can include mental health first aid training or our 1-Day Healthy Minds Masterclass.

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