New Psychosocial Hazards Offering

Healthy Minds is excited to bring you a new product we are launching to help our clients respond to the recent legislation change relating to Psychosocial Hazards (PSH).

Recent studies and guidelines, including those from Safe Work Australia, emphasise the critical need for Australian organisations to proactively identify and mitigate psychosocial risks. The cost of inaction is not just financial and legal but impacts many drivers of business performance – from employee engagement and productivity to retention and organisational reputation.

Our Solution

Healthy Minds has developed a comprehensive program designed specifically to help your organisation understand where your psychosocial risks lie and, crucially, how to address them. Our program provides 5 options to choose from. Select one, some, or all, to suit your needs.

  1. Introduction: A quick start (20min) video detailing what leaders need to know about PSH in the workplace.
  2. Assessment: Identifying your organisation’s unique PSH with comprehensive reporting.
  3. Upskilling Leaders: Equipping your leaders with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and mitigate these risks via an award-winning microlearning platform with content developed by Healthy Minds psychologists.
  4. Policy integration: Ensuring policies & procedures are compliant with the new legislation.
  5. Sustaining learnings & Creating a Resilient Culture: Customised training to foster an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and able to thrive.

For more details, you can access our brochure by clicking on this link.

Why Act Now? With the increasing legal, social, and economic pressures to create safe workplaces, there has never been a more critical time to act. By addressing psychosocial risks head-on, you’re not only complying with legal obligations but also setting your organisation apart as a leader in workplace wellbeing.

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