Dr Tom Nehmy interviewed on Con Koutsikas’ ‘A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist’ Podcast

Dr Tom Nehmy joined Con Koutsikas and discussed:

  • Where his interest in psychology began
  • There is an increasing higher level of community awareness of mental health. Is it becoming a bigger problem, or are we just talking about it more?
  • Are we more stressed, or do we have more to be stressed about?
  • The impact Covid had on our mental health was well documented. What good, if anything, came out of Covid?
  • Developing the Healthy Minds Program produced the world’s first prevention program to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety while also reducing the risk for eating disorders
  • Self Esteem vs Self Compassion
  • The bullying in schools as a result of social media and how parents and teachers can help the children and also themselves
  • We have choice
  • Steps we can all take to help with our mental wellbeing

Listen to the episode


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