HomeStart Finance becomes an accredited Healthy Minds Workplace!

Congratulations HomeStart Finance – now an accredited Healthy Minds Workplace!

For years, we have recognised leading schools around Australia who have implemented the Healthy Minds Program with formal accreditation certificates as Healthy Minds Schools.

This week, we have recognised our first accredited Healthy Minds Workplace – HomeStart Finance in Adelaide. On Tuesday 26th March, 2019, Nick Lee presented HomeStart CEO John Oliver with their accreditation certificate.

This is a wonderful achievement that confirms HomeStart’s already award-winning status as a workplace wellbeing leader and employer of choice in South Australia.

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Healthy Minds Director Nick Lee with HomeStart CEO John Oliver

What does it mean to be an accredited Healthy Minds Workplace?


Healthy Minds accreditation is a way to promote your organisation's wellbeing credentials. It represents a commitment to:

1. Provide evidence-based psychological skills training to all staff to prevent and reduce risk for mental ill-health while promoting effective self-management of personal wellbeing.

2. Provide the appropriate support services and referral processes when individuals require support (for example, a quality employee assistance program that is communicated regularly to staff).

3. The up-skilling of a set of dedicated staff members with advanced knowledge to assist and support the mental health and wellbeing of others within the organisation. This can include mental health first aid training or our 1-Day Healthy Minds Masterclass.

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